H.G. Hill at Nashville West

This new, mixed-use development, designed to fit within the context of an existing shopping center in west Nashville, was created as a two story building to provide retail space on the ground floor and high end office space on the upper floor. The upper level offices feature large expanses of glass with operable windows to provide fresh air and natural light for those working in the spaces on a daily basis. These elements have been proven to enhance productivity while creating a healthier, more comfortable work environment. Special attention was also given to the type of glass used to prevent energy loss while still allowing lots of natural light in the work spaces. The lower level was designed to have large patios on either end of the building for future merchants to utilize outdoor space for their businesses while still allowing for plenty of convenient parking and pedestrian access.

The exterior of the building incorporates fluted, metal panels and stone to compliment the large glass windows. The site, which is shared with a grocery store and a bank, was designed to include bio swales, native plant matter and natural storm water management systems. The building was also intentionally outfitted with the necessary infrastructure to anticipate the owner's future desire to add solar panels to supply electricity for the building.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) was used by the design team throughout the project to provide multi-dimensional, virtual models, therefore giving the owner and leasees the opportunity to react to design options during the early stages of the project. This technology was further used to provide space analyses to prospective tenants throughout the leasing process.