Harpeth Hall Athletic & Wellness Building

The New Athletic & Wellness building on Harpeth Hall’s campus in Nashville, TN, was the next logical step in the long range master plan for the school. Their thriving athletic program as well as a commitment by the school to embody wellness in the daily lives of every girl made this new building a necessary addition.

Project Details

  • In siting the new building, the design team paid special attention to the inherently large volume of the two new gymnasiums located in the structure.
  • Natural topography of the site allowed the building to nestle in the hill, diminishing the tall volume spaces
  • Corridors throughout allow views into the main competition gym as well as to the rain gardens outside
  • Site work including the addition of new outdoor tennis courts, re-grading of existing practice fields and additional parking
  • Additional spaces included
    • two new gymnasiums (practice gym and competition gym)
    • full weight and fitness room
    • cardio theater
    • outdoor fitness patio
    • athletic and wellness staff offices
    • locker rooms
    • yoga room
    • multi-purpose classroom
  • Sustainable features include:
    • ​​Large windows with proper orientation to allow natural light in the gymnasiums
    • Bio-swale rain gardens to sustainably manage storm water
    • Use of recycled content in indoor finishes and low VOC paint
    • Water bottle filling stations that digitally show how many plastic bottles are being saved
    • Large windows for day lighting in the weight and fitness area and cardio theater