Harpeth Hall Design Den

Harpeth Hall saw the opportunity to combine an existing, underutilized computer lab and an adjacent storage space in the lower level of their library to create a new maker space affectionately called the Design Den.

Project Details

  • Design of vibrant yet tough duty space where all ages of girls on campus could come to engage in the maker program
  • Merging of two spaces by adding a sliding glass door which allows them to be used either together or separately
  • Large, round, brightly colored acoustic ceiling clouds replaced the original ceiling tiles and new, lighting blended to add interest to the rooms
  • Furniture selected to be moveable for maximum flexibility
  • Walls and custom table tops finished with marker board paint allowing for drawing and problem solving
  • Brightly colored metal stools and storage provide functionality and visual interest
  • Power cords dangle from the ceiling on retractable coils for maximum flexibility during projects
  • Identity of the space is marked by special signage and shelving at the entrance to show off projects made by the girls