Brantley Residence

This private residence, in the hills of Tennessee, was designed as a full renovation to an existing home. The client expressed a desire to downsize and renovate, creating a home that could carry them into the future as they entered a new phase of their lives.

The homeowners had a personal commitment to use as many sustainable materials as possible in the renovation. This included sustainable quartz countertops, LED lighting, reusing and refinishing the existing hardwood floors and making improvements to the envelope of the house to better insulate and reduce energy consumption. The biggest sustainable choice, by far, began with the decision to renovate an existing house to meet their needs rather than building new.

While the home’s floor plan stayed close to its original format, the existing, small living spaces were opened up in the core of the house to allow the breathtaking views of the wooded ridge to stream throughout the rooms. New windows were added to open up the front fa├žade, taking the idea of viewing the surrounding nature even further. A new deck spans the entire length of the home, allowing for access to the outdoors high above the ground plane. Deck access is available from the common living spaces as well as the bedrooms. The kitchen and bathrooms were all fully renovated and an existing lower level day lit basement was transformed into a family space with a workout room and a golf swing practice room.