First Baptist Church Murfreesboro

Since its inception in 1843, the historic First Baptist Church, located in the heart of Murfreesboro, Tennessee, has been added to incrementally over many years. The church needed a clear front door, an open, inviting space to greet guests and a way for members to efficiently cross between multiple, unconnected spaces.  Street Dixon Rick produced a master plan, finding the best use of both the existing facility and the limited amount of available space around the church, to fulfill the expansion needs.

SDR’s planned addition, named Crossroads by the church, adds approximately 4,800 square feet to an existing land-locked site in an urban setting.  It creatively fills what was once a parking area between the sanctuary and education wings.  New spaces in Crossroads include a church library, renovated narthex which provides an ADA accessible route to the sanctuary, new public restrooms and a large atrium gathering space with welcome desk.

Crossroads’ glowing, glass box meets members’ needs and provides a strong, welcoming view into daily church activities while efficiently making use of a tight space on an urban site.