Prayer Room

The Prayer Room at First Presbyterian Church was created as a space for quiet, spiritual connection with God. Donated by a family of both First Presbyterian Church and Oak Hill School in memory of their son, the space which was formerly used as offices, was transformed into a small sanctuary for prayer. The church and donor family expressed great interest in the space having a similar finish to that of the main sanctuary. Materials were used to evoke calm and contemplation. Plaster walls, reclaimed wood ceilings, hand finished, oak wainscoting, travertine floors and custom furniture create a serene space for the church and school to have small prayer meetings, one on one counsel or quiet prayer alone.

The room is located in the heart of the church and school on a main corridor connecting the two. Adjacent spaces include the Gathering Place where the youth program meets and the youth offices. It was especially important to create a prayer space that was inviting to all ages from the youngest Oak Hill School child to the senior members of the church. Amidst its busy surroundings, the space was extended into the corridor outside with similar finishes and a mosaic, marble cross inlaid in the floor. This change in material signifies spiritual reverence and allows for a “quiet down” moment before entering the prayer room.